[VIDEO] Bawa KAVADI versi Gangnam Style di Penang..

Thousands of netizens are up in arms over a video clip showing a kavadi bearer and a group of his friends dancing to South Korean pop star Psy’s Oppa Gangnam Style.

The embarrassing 46-second video clip uploaded on YouTube has registered close to 6,000 hits since it was uploaded on Saturday, with angry viewers expressing their disapproval.

The clip titled, “2013 Penang Thaipusam goes Gangnam Style”, is believed to be taken in Penang. It shows a kavadi bearer and four Indian youths dancing to the pop song.

There’s even a little boy who appears mid-way in the clip mimicking the moves of the Korean pop star whose song recently passed one billion YouTube views.

One commenter, Clue Less, said: “This is why other races always condemn us. When it’s about a prayer, just pray. Is this a must? It makes sense if it is a devotional song. Why Gangnam?

“Sadly, we refuse to accept the truth when other races say it and start to bark at them. Think people. We create the opportunity for them to run us down. Think.”

Another YouTube account holder Thinagaran Hari Raja said that the video clip was really hurting. He added that the Indian culture and religion is degrading at a very fast pace.

Most of the commentators were of the view that there is a dire lack of religious education.

“How many of us know what the Thaipusam festival is all about and how to celebrate it correctly?” asked one OM Tamil.

The Malaysia Hindu Sangam (MHS) said that it does not condone anyone trivialising a religious festival.

Its president, RS Mohan Shan, said he was not aware of the video clip but nevertheless added that the incident is really shameful to the Indian community.

“The current generation does not understand the essence of religion. Some come to Thaipusam festivals only for fun and to make merry in an improper manner,” he said.

“Due to ignorance, our culture is deteriorating and we must rectify it before it gets worse. Let us watch the video first, before we consider any action,” added Mohan. - FMT

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